Follow the steps below to setup your Amazon Fire TV app in the Zype Dashboard and submit your app to Amazon. You can also have Zype handle the app submission process.

Create an Amazon Fire TV Video App on the Zype Dashboard

  1. Go to Dashboard > Video Apps.
  2. Click Create An App.
  3. Click Amazon Fire TV.
  4. Fill out the form and click Next.
  5. If you’d like to self publish click I Want To Self-Publish and continue the steps below. If you’d like to have Zype handle your publishing click Publish My App For Me and we’ll handle the rest (fees may apply).

Advanced Settings

In order to setup your app for Ads, Subscription, or Purchase you’ll need to edit the Advanced Settings. You can also edit the Colors, add Nested Categories, and make fine tuned adjustments of your header logo.

Monetization Tab

  • AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand)
    • If you have set up Ad Tags for your site and would like to display ads in your AFTV channel toggle the AVOD switch to On.
  • In App Purchasing
    • In App Purchasing includes Subscription and Purchase for your Amazon app. The purchase is handled through Amazon and happens directly in the app. For more info see
    • Toggle this switch switch to enable In App Purchasing. If you are using Subscriptions you must Create a New Plan with an Amazon ID in the Zype dashboard. Then, set up In App Purchasing items in the Amazon Dashboard. See the documentation below for more details.

Add Subscription Plans on Zype

  1. Go to Dashboard > Plans.
  2. Click New Plan.
  3. Give the plan a descriptive name. This name will appear in your Amazon Fire TV app.
  4. Set the Amazon ID. This id must be unique for your developer account. Be sure to make a note of this Amazon ID as you will need it later when you set up In App Purchasing in your Amazon Developer account. We recommend using a good descriptive id such as subscriptionMonthly123 (where 123 is your app id).

Setup videos for subscription or purchase

You will need to set your videos to be either subscription or purchase.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Videos > Edit > Video > Monetization Tab and toggle Subscription Required or__ Purchase Required__ as appropriate.

Submit Your App On The Amazon Developer Console

Mobile Web

  • Fill out the form and click Save. You must complete every tab in the interface.
  • Availability & Pricing
    • You can choose here whether you want to charge users to download your app.
  • Description
    • These descriptions are displayed in the Amazon App Store and help users find your app.
  • Images & Multimedia
    • The small and large icons are used to display your app on the home page. This is called the Store Icon in the Zype platform.
    • For screenshots you will need to run the app locally in a browser and take screenshots. See the in the app package for instructions to run locally, or contact Zype for help.
  • Content Rating
    • Choose appropriate ratings depending on your app’s content.
  • App File(s)
    • The app files tab is where you upload your packaged app.
  • Apply Amazon DRM?
    • Yes.
  • Select the type of web app you want to submit
    • You can choose zip and upload the zip we emailed you, or
    • You can choose URL and provide the URL of the files (you must make them available via http).
    • For pros/cons of the two approaches see:
  • Web App Features
    • Check In-App Purchasing (if you are using it).
    • Check Prevent Sleep for Video Playback.
  • Device Support. Uncheck all items except:
    • Fire TV (2014)
    • Fire TV Stick
    • Fire TV (2015)
  • Click Save.
  • Click In-App Items if you want to set up In App Purchasing (Subscription and Purchase) for your Amazon app. You will need to set up In App Items with your banking information if you haven’t already.

In App Items: Subscriptions

If you are using Subscriptions with In App Purchasing you must set up each subscription in the Amazon dashboard.

  • Click In-App Items.
  • Click Add a Subscription.
  • General Information
    • Title:
      • Monthly Subscription (choose an appropriate title).
    • SKU:
      • This is the Plan’s Amazon ID you set up earlier on the Zype dashboard (ie subscriptionMonthly-123)
      • Note: You must enter the Amazon ID from the Plan you set up in the Zype platform here. It must match exactly or subscriptions will not work.
    • Content delivery:
      • No additional file required
  • Subscription Periods
    • Subscription period:
      • Choose a subscription period
    • SKU:
      • Enter the Amazon ID here, but repeat it with a dot separator.
      • For example: subscriptionMonthly-123.subscriptionMonthly-123
      • (Note the dot and the repetition! This is due to the unique way Amazon handle purchase receipts.)
      • If you want to have multiple subscription periods you must set up multiple plans in the Zype platform and repeat the above process. Note that you must create a new subscription each time. Do not add multiple Subscription Periods under the same parent sku.
  • The following subscription periods are available for Amazon:
    • Weekly
    • BiWeekly
    • Monthly
    • BiMonthly
    • Quarterly
    • SemiAnnually
    • Annually

In App Items: Entitlements

  • Click Add an Entitlement.
  • General Information
    • Title
      • The title of your video
    • SKU
      • This is the zype id of the video, ie 5629232e4d656c4e94b10000
      • To find the Video ID in the Zype platform go to Dashboard > Video Library. The Video ID is shown in the Details tab.
    • Type
      • Entitlement
    • Content Delivery
      • No additional files required

That’s it!