We have simplified the process of publishing a Roku Channel from the Zype Platform. The process now has three parts. First, you need to set up your channel. Then, Zype will build your Channel for you or you can self-publish your Channel.

Step 1: Set Up Your Video Library and Channel

First, you will need to upload and transcode videos onto the Zype Platform. Currently, Roku Channels only support videos with a Zype video source.

upload and transcode

Second, you will need to set up your Roku Channel. Navigate to the Video Apps page

video apps page

Click on Roku to set up a new Roku Channel for publishing

Roku publishing

Set up your Roku Channel by supplying a title, subtitle, a channel image, and select a channel template. Zype will create multiple images from your one supplied channel image including your channel logo, poster art, and loading screen. It is suggested to have a 640 px by 480 px PNG image because the image will be used in many different sizes.

roku set up

Step 2: Zype Builds Your Roku Channel

Once you set up your Channel, Zype will bundle the necessary images and prepare the code for your Roku Channel. All you have to do is wait a couple of minutes! The page will automatically refresh once your Channel is ready.

roku bundling

Step 3: Publish Channel

You can choose to either self-publish or have Zype publish your Roku Channel for you. If you choose to self publish click here to read our guide to self publish your Roku Channel. If you choose to have Zype publish your channel, you will be sent to a checkout page to redeem your publishing package or pay for a publishing package. Once you checkout, a member of the Zype team will package, QA, and submit your Roku Channel to the Roku Channel Store.

roku publishing options

Typically, once your Roku Channel is submitted to the Roku Channel Store, it takes 3-4 weeks to get to the front of the QA queue and then another 1-2 weeks for approval. You should expect to wait atleast 4-6 weeks for your Roku Channel to be available on the Roku Channel Store. If you would like to immediately share your Roku Channel, you can create a private Roku Channel that can be shared immediately via url.

Step 4: Edit Channel Settings

The majority of settings for your Roku Channel are configured at run-time. Thus, you can edit Channel settings such as your featured playlist, your logos and themes without having to re-publish. Click here to read how to edit your Roku Channel.