Selecting a Channel Template and uploading a Channel Image takes most of the hard work out of branding your Roku Channel. However, if you want to further specialize your Roku Channel, you can click on Edit Advanced Settings for your Roku Channel.

advanced settings btn

The Advanced Settings have a lot of options! The highest impact advanced settings that you can change are in the Main Configurations Tab and the Image Configurations Tab.

In particular, in the Main Configurations, you can change which playlist is to be featured at the top of your Roku Channel and you can change the category to iterate through for the rest of your Roku Channel.

main configs

In the Image Configurations, you can change the run time images such as your logo, slice images, and grid images. These images are grabbed through the Zype API each time your Roku Channel gets loaded, so you can upload a new image and refresh your Roku Channel to see it being changed in real time.

image configs

You can also change your Channel Build Details. Note, however, that if you change images in your Channel Build Details like your store or focus image, you will need to resubmit your Channel to the Roku Channel Store. If you have not yet submitted your Roku Channel, you will need to grab a new bundle of your Roku Channel.

image configs