If you’ve been busy adding video content to the Zype Platform and creating playlists, you might be at the point where you’ve got a few pages of each. To help you better manage your content, we’ve added a set of filters to the videos and playlists pages:

video filtering

playlist filtering

The filter buttons let you select as many parameters for your search as you’d like. Each button has a dropdown you can use to select a value to search by. The default search options are the categories you’ve created for your site and “Active” (whether or not the video is marked as active). You can create and manage your categories here.

Once you’ve selected all of the filters you want to use, click the search button to see the results.

You can search by entering a search term, using the filters or both!

If the filter buttons are greyed out, that’s because you don’t have any videos or playlists yet.

Check out our previous blog post on defining categories and playlists, if you have questions about getting started.