A central component of the Zype Platform is a ‘Zobject.’ A zobject is additional metadata that you can create and associate with your videos. In the tutorial below, we will show how to associate an the actor John Boyega to the newest Star Wars trailer. To do this, we will create a zobject type called actors and then create a zobject actor for John Boyega. Lastly, we will associate John Boyega with the Star Wars trailer.

Step 1: Create a Zobject Type

Since zobjects can be whatever metadata you want, you first need to create a zobject type to define the your zobject data structure. You can access zobject types using the settings toolbar at the top of your dashboard.

zobject type settings

We will call our zobject type actor so that it is easy to reference.

zobject type title

For our actor zobject, we need a field for name, which is a string. You can use any familiar data structure when creating a zobject type. You can access zobject types using the settings toolbar at the top of your dashboard. To add an attribute, click the button Add Attribute. You can always return to this page to add additional attributes.

zobject type add attribute

Step 2: Add an Actor Zobject John Boyega for the Zobject Type Actor

Click on your Zobject in the right hand navigation or via the appropriate tile on the dashboard home screen.

access zobject

Next, click on ‘Add New Actor’. You will be prompted to fill out all the information that you laid out when you created your zobject type. We have included keyword and description as additional fields that you can leave blank.

insert actor info

Step 3: Link the Zobject to the Video

Click on the Videos tab to associate videos with the actor

associate videos

Once you click save, your zobject will be associated with that video! You can double check by going to the video and looking at its metadata.

video metadata