We aim to make the development process of a Roku Channel as easy as possible using our Zype Roku SDK. To do this, our sample Roku Channel focuses on three major components of the Zype Platform: playlists, categories, and zobjects. Since the playlists, categories, and zobjects are being pulled into your Roku channel using the Zype API, they are all editable using the Zype Platform and do not require republishing to the Roku Channel Store to make a change.

We will be using screenshots from our sample Roku Channel to highlight what you can do.

playlists and categories

Featured Playlist

The first slider of the home screen is the featured playlist. This can be any playlist that you have created using the Zype Platform. Note, only Zype Videos will play.


Below the first slider are category sliders. Note that the category sliders and the featured playlist slider are identical. The only difference is how we are calling the Zype API to return us the videos in each slider. On the Zype Platform, you select a category that you want to iterate through for the rest of the home screen. In the picture above, we are iterating through the category ‘Genre.’ Thus, the first category slider is the ‘Genre’ with a value of ‘Adventure’ and the second category slider will be the next ‘Genre’, which is ‘Comedy’.


Zobjects in video detail

You also have the option to provide additional metadata about your videos in the video detail screen. You select one zobject to be above the description and one zobject to be below the description. In the example above, we selected the Zobject ‘Actor’ to be above the description and it lists the actors that we have associated with the video. Similarly, we selected the Zobject ‘Director’ to be below the description.