We know you have a lot of video content and we know that you want it all to be available to your viewers through the Zype Platform. That’s why we’re proud to announce that you can now use Crunchyroll as a video source for videos on the Zype Platform!

As part of the announcement, we want to walk you through the setup involved and get you up to speed. If you’ve added videos to the Zype Platform using video sources in the past, the will look very familiar.

First, let’s login to the Zype Platform and go to Video Sources. Now click on the Crunchyroll icon.

click crunchyroll

Adding your affiliate code

Enter a name for your Crunchyroll Video Source (something you’ll remember!) and your Crunchyroll Affiliate code (this is provided to you by Crunchyroll when you become an affiliate.)

add name and affiliate code

Importing your videos

Now sit back while we go get all of your Crunchyroll videos and add them to the Zype Platform as video imports. Once we’ve imported all of your videos you will find them under the Video Imports tab. The last step is to create new videos from the imports or add the video imports to videos you already have on the Zype Platform.

video imports


You can confirm that your videos were added by clicking on the videos tab and searching for the ones you’ve just added.