We simplified the process of searching for and importing a YouTube Channel into the Zype Platform. Before, you had to manually go to YouTube and find your Channel ID. This was a cumbersome process. Now you can search for a YouTube Channel from the Zype Platform and we will get the Channel ID for you.

Step 1:

Go to Video Sources and click on the YouTube icon.

click youtube

Step 2:

Enter a name for your YouTube Video Source (something to help you remember it!) and click the Search YouTube Channels button

search youtube channels

Step 3:

Enter the channel name that you are searching for and click Search. You will be given a list of YouTube Channels that match your search criteria. Click the Select Channel button for the YouTube Channel that you want to add.

click select channel

Step 4:

This will prepopulate the Channel ID for you. All you need to do is click Save Changes and the Zype Platform will start to import all of the videos from the channel that you selected!

click submit

Step 5:

Your imported videos are in your import videos page. You can add videos to your catalogue from there.

import videos