To import a YouTube Channel into the Zype Platform, you need to have its Channel ID. This ID can be tricky to find because the Channel ID and User ID are very similar. Below are the options and steps to finding a YouTube Channel ID to input into the Zype Platform.

Finding your YouTube Channel ID:

1. Log into your YouTube account and visit advanced account settings.

2. Your Channel ID can be found in your Account Information

channel id instructions

Finding an additional YouTube Channel ID:

YouTube is in the process of moving from videos belonging to Users to videos belonging to Channels. Because of this migration, it is tricky to get your Channel ID because often, YouTube treats User and Channel as the same thing. It is important to make sure that you are getting the Channel ID and not the User ID for the Zype Platform.

1. Visit a YouTube video that is in the Channel you want and click on the channel name below the Video Player.

youtube video

2. You will be taken to the Channel Page. The Channel ID is at the end of the URL. For example, for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the channel ID is UC3XTzVzaHQEd30rQbuvCtTQ.

youtube channel page

Common Mistakes

Since YouTube is changing from User to Channel Pages, the User Page looks very similar to the Channel Page. The URL for the User Page has /user/ in it, not /channel/. If you find yourself on the User Page instead of the Channel Page, click on a video in the User Page and repeat the steps for finding an additional YouTube Channel ID above.

youtube user page