What is Zype all about?

The Zype Platform includes everything a premium content owner needs to deliver web, mobile, and set-top apps direct to consumers.

Video from anywhere, including YouTube and Hulu, or even raw video source files - can be imported, optimized and delivered based on viewer location, device, licensing rules or revenue models. Check it out using our test harness.

Zype’s proprietary VideoMeta technology allows import and matching of data - scripts, set lists, art, and related content without data entry headaches. Powerful for SEO and deep, engaging branded video experiences. You can see this in action on yugioh.com.

Creating an account

To sign up for a free account, visit the zype platform. You’ll need to enter some basic information including your company name and the name of your media property. Once you’ve created an account, check out the adding videos guide to get started.

Forgot password

You can reset your password by following this link.

What can I accomplish?

At the core, our mission is to enable you to give your consumers what they want - instant and easy direct access to the content they love, on any device, anywhere.

This is awesome!

We’re glad you think so! Any and all feedback through our our intercom system on the zype platform.

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