Zype makes it easy to distribute your videos for sale through other video platforms. Click one of the distribution endpoints.

VHX Marketplace

Distributing Zype videos to the VHX Marketplace

Interested in selling individual or bundled videos on the VHX Marketplace? You’ve come to the right place. If you’ve got a VHX account and some Zype videos, we’ll make it easy to connect the two. Here’s how:

Go to the Publishing homepage

Publishing Homepage

Connect your VHX Account

Connect VHX Account VHX Login

Choose your VHX Site

If everything went smoothly, you’ll see a list of the sites on your VHX account. Give this distribution endpoint a name you’ll remember and select which site to distribute to.

Choose VHX Site

Choose which Zype videos to distribute

You’re now at the video library screen where you can choose which Zype videos to send to the VHX Marketplace.

Choose Videos

Use the distribute button to select which endpoint you want to use.


You’re done! You’ll get a brief message about what happens next if everything went smoothly. For VHX, that means you’ll get an email from them when your video is ready to be packaged for sale.