Creating an app using the Zype Platform

If you’re ready to start creating a video app for devices like Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, etc, take a look at the guides below and follow them in order to reach your goal!


1) Publishing a Roku Channel with Zype
2) Self publishing a Roku Channel with Zype


1) Publishing an iPhone app with Zype

Publishing a Roku Channel with Zype

We have simplified the process of publishing a Roku Channel from the Zype Platform. The process now has three parts. First, you need to set up your channel. Then, Zype will build your Channel for you or you can self-publish your channel.

Step 1: Set up your video library and channel

First, you will need to upload and transcode videos onto the Zype Platform. Currently, Roku Channels only support videos with a Zype video source.

upload and transcode

Second, you will need to set up your Roku Channel. Navigate to the Video Apps page

video apps page

Click on Roku to set up a new Roku Channel for publishing

Roku publishing

Set up your Roku Channel by supplying a title, subtitle, a channel image, and select a channel template. Zype will create multiple images from your one supplied channel image including your channel logo, poster art, and loading screen. It is suggested to have a 640 px by 480 px PNG image because the image will be used in many different sizes.

roku set up

Step 2: Zype builds your Roku Channel

Once you set up your channel, Zype will bundle the necessary images and prepare the code for your Roku Channel. All you have to do is wait a couple of minutes! The page will automatically refresh once your channel is ready.

roku bundling

Step 3: Publish channel

You can choose to either self-publish or have Zype publish your Roku Channel for you. If you choose to self publish click here to read our guide to self publish your Roku Channel. If you choose to have Zype publish your channel, you will be sent to a checkout page to redeem your publishing package or pay for a publishing package. Once you checkout, a member of the Zype team will package, QA, and submit your Roku Channel to the Roku Channel Store.

roku publishing options

Typically, once your Roku Channel is submitted to the Roku Channel Store, it takes 3-4 weeks to get to the front of the QA queue and then another 1-2 weeks for approval. You should expect to wait atleast 4-6 weeks for your Roku Channel to be available on the Roku Channel Store. If you would like to immediately share your Roku Channel, you can create a private Roku Channel that can be shared immediately via URL.

Step 4: Edit channel settings

The majority of settings for your Roku Channel are configured at run-time. Thus, you can edit Channel settings such as your featured playlist, your logos and themes without having to re-publish. Click here to read how to edit your Roku Channel.

Self publishing a Roku Channel with Zype

Before being ready to self-publish, you will need to set up your Roku Channel on the Zype Platform. Click here to read up on how to set up your Roku Channel for publishing. To self-publish your Roku Channel, you will need to have a Roku device and be comfortable using the terminal. This tutorial is focused for those users who are on Mac or Linux. If you are on Windows, you can follow along with the tutorial, but you will need to use the Eclipse BrightScript plug-in to package your Roku Channel (step 2).

Step 1: Enable Roku Development Mode on your box

You will need to enable Roku Development Mode on your Roku device. Read through the Roku Documentation on how to load and run your Roku Channel.

Please store your ROKU_DEV_TARGET (the IP address of your Roku) and DEVPASSWORD (you will get to choose this when you set up your Roku Developer Device). You will need both of these to side load your Roku Channel into your Roku device.

Step 2: Unzip your bundled channel and test out locally (Mac/Linux)

Zype will email you a bundled channel zip that contains the BrightScript code for your Roku Channel. You will need to unzip your channel and, in your terminal, navigate to the Roku code.

Next, open up in your text editor of choice and change the ROKU_DEV_TARGET and DEVPASSWORD to match your Roku device. replacement)

Then, run make install inside the Roku Channel directory in your terminal to side load your Roku Channel to your Roku device.

make install)

If the command is successful, your Roku Channel will load automatically to your Roku device.

Step 3: Package your Roku Channel for publishing

You will need to key your Roku Channel using your Roku device. Please read the official Roku documentation on how to generate your key and key your device.

Step 4: Submit your Roku Channel to the Roku Channel Store

Now that you have a packaged Roku Channel, you will need to submit your Roku Channel to the Roku Channel Store. You can choose to either publish a private channel or a public channel. A private channel will be published right away, but is not searchable via the Roku Channel Store. You will be given a channel URL that you can share to others to add your private channel. To publish a public channel, you will added to the Roku Publishing Queue for Roku QA. Based on high demand, it can take anywhere from 2 to 3 months to get approved by Roku into the Roku Channel Store.

Click here to submit your Roku Channel! You will have to be logged into your Roku Developer Account.

Please feel free to reach out to Zype using the question box in the lower left hand corner if you have any questions or would like Zype to publish your Roku Channel for you!

Publishing an iPhone app with Zype

Before we start, lets look at what the end result of what your iPhone app will look like!

iphone preview

To configure your iPhone app using the Zype Platform, navigate to the Video Apps page and click on the iPhone logo.

select iphone

Next, fill in the app details. This includes the title, the version number, and the store icon. The store icon will be the icon that users click to on your iPhone screen to enter your app.

app details

Then, fill out the channel information. The banner image is what appears at the top of your home screen. The larger banner is for higher quality displays. Check out the mock up of an iPhone app below to see where the banner gets displayed in the home screen.

channel screen

banner display

Next, add tiles. Tiles are what a user can click on in the app’s home screen to go to the appropriate page. An iPhone app can have up to 9 tiles. Tiles can include links to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, your blog, your personal website, favorites, videos, and messages. You can drag the tiles in the editor to change their order on the iPhone screen. Check out the mock up to see where the tiles get displayed.

tile screen

tiles display

If you would like to add a message to your users at this time, you can click on the Message tab and add a message.

message screen

Once you are finished, click save changes. You will be redirected to the iPhone app details screen where you will see a mock up of your channel home screen. You can either use Zype’s API documentation to self-publish or have Zype publish for you!

iphone preview