User Guides

The Zype Platform is feature rich, so we want to provide you with a place to learn more about it. Below are a bunch of short tutorials (with pictures!) to help you with a number of topics. The links on the left under “Getting Started” will walk you through the major parts of the Zype Platform.

Adding Zype to a Rails Application
Learn About DPT
Monitoring Your Views
Related Playlists
Importing Videos from a Third Party Video Source
Adding Videos from a YouTube Channel
Adding Your Crunchyroll Videos to Zype
Uploading Videos Using Our Ruby Gem
Adding a colleciton of Videos from Vimeo
Adding single Videos from a Vimeo link
Bulk Importing of Third Party Video Sources (Advanced)
Analytics: Domains, Tracking Partners, and Tracking Codes
Upload and Search Embeddable Widgets
MRSS Import Format
Publishing a Roku App
Self Publishing Your Roku Channel
Self Publishing Your Amazon Fire TV Channel
Organizing Your Videos for Your Roku Channel
Advanced Settings for Your Roku Channel
Adding Assets to Your Roku App
Categories, Playlists and Your Roku App
Enabling Google Analytics Integration
Change Thumbnails
Help Finding Your API/Player Keys
Walkthrough of the Zype API
Embedding a Player on Your Site
Categories and Playlists on the Zype Platform
Search Filters
Forgot Password
Kaltura MRSS Import Format